Sexual and reproductive health

Community-based distribution of contraceptives

A guide for programme managers

World Health Organization

Community-based distribution of contraceptives : a guide for programme managers

Publication details

Number of pages: 146
Publication date: 1995
Languages: English, French, Russian
ISBN: 92 4 154475 9


This guide is intended to assist programme managers in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities to introduce, or expand access to, the female condom in ongoing activities for the Presents guidelines for the community-based distribution of contraceptives as a strategy for helping countries to achieve their family planning goals.

Addressed to programme managers, the book draws on successful experiences from around the world to show how community-based services can provide information and distribute temporary contraceptive methods, such as the pill and barrier methods. Such services are usually less costly than clinic-based services, easier for people to reach, available in a wider range of settings, and more likely to be accepted and used.

Chapters explain how to develop a programme that is appropriate to the needs of the community and receives adequate support. The book also issues advice on six of the most important issues raised by managers of community-based distribution programmes, service providers, policy-makers and researchers.