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What works to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health

22 August 2016: New research published today shows that there are number of intervention studies which can help to improve health outcomes in young people (ages 10-24), but there is no single action or intervention which can work for all young people, to address all of their needs. While several high-quality studies were found, they may only be applicable in specific settings for specific outcomes. More evidence is needed to show whether they can apply to other settings or help to improve additional sexual and reproductive health outcomes for young people.

WHO launches new tools to help countries address stillbirths, maternal and neonatal deaths

16 August 2016 – Every day, women die during childbirth and babies are born stillborn. With quality health care throughout pregnancy and childbirth, many of these deaths could be prevented, but countries often lack the knowledge and capacity needed to take actions to stop other women and babies dying in the same way. To address this issue WHO is today launching two new tools to help countries improve their data on stillbirths and neonatal deaths as well as a report on the global status of implementation of maternal death surveillance and response (MDSR), a key strategy for reducing preventable maternal mortality

Hormonal contraception and the risk of HIV acquisition in women

9 August 2016 – The World Health Organization will convene an expert review group later in 2016 to examine the links between the use of various hormonal contraceptive methods and women’s risk of HIV acquisition. The expert review group will assess whether current WHO guidance needs to change in the light of a new review of data, commissioned by WHO and published today in AIDS.

New estimates highlight need for the antibiotic that can cure maternal and congenital syphilis across world

19 July 2016 – Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with syphilis can be cured with an injection of benzathine penicillin, which can also prevent mother-to-child transmission of this infection. Newly published evidence shows however, that shortages of benzathine penicillin have been reported by countries where there is high number of pregnant women and infants infected with syphilis.

Mother-to-child transmission of syphilis decreasing but mortality and morbidity remain high

19 July 2016 – Syphilis can be transmitted sexually or from mother to child during pregnancy. Left untreated, it can lead to catastrophic fetal outcomes in the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. New 2012 estimates, based on 2008-2012 data, are now available, published in an open access Lancet article.



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The HRP Special Programme submits its research projects for consideration, comment, guidance and approval to an established advisory body of international experts to assess each project’s scientific design, as well as technical and financial/budgetary aspects. HRP research projects cover all topic areas of sexual and reproductive health and includes projects that involve human participants, involve biological material obtained from human participants, obtain information from human participants, access records on human participants or involve experiments in animals. The type of research under consideration is not restricted and includes: basic, biomedical, epidemiological, social science, as well as operations, implementation, health systems and programme development research. If you are currently, or have recently served on a research proposal/protocol review body technically assessing projects in sexual and reproductive health, and you are interested in being considered as a member of the HRP Research Project Review Panel, please submit your interest via e-mail to with your e-mail subject line reading “HRP Research Project Review Panel”. Please include a recent consolidated C.V, including a publication list as appropriate.


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