Quantifying environmental health impacts

Methodology for assessment of environmental burden of disease

Report on the ISEE session on environmental burden of disease

Prepared by David Kay, Annette Pruess and Carlos Corvalan
© 2000, WHO

Methodology for assessment of burden of disease cover

A consultation was held in Buffalo, New York, 23-24 August 2000, following the 12th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE 2000).

The overall aim of the consultation was to advance the agenda of the evaluation of disease burden from environmental risk factors. This consultation was part of an ongoing process aiming primarily at the following:

  • To provide methodological guidance on the quantitative assessment of the burden of disease from environmental risk factors at national or regional level; the process should result in a practical guide.
  • To create a network of experts interested in developing the conceptual and practical implementation of environmental disease burden assessment and sharing experience to define priorities in future developments.

The present document includes the report of the meeting, the participants' presentations as well as the background document.

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