Providing for Health

How can countries benefit from P4H?

Benefits for countries

  • More coherence and better alignment of external assistance for UHC/SHP;
  • More and enhanced multi- and bilateral technical support for UHC/SHP;
  • UHC/SHP is incorporated/expanded in national health, social protection and development agendas;
  • Better utilization of domestic and external resources for UHC/SHP;
  • Increased awareness and inter-country learning for UHC/SHP;
  • Enhanced capacity for analysis, evidence-based decision making and strategic thinking for UHC/SHP.

Eligibility for P4H Support and how to get in touch with P4H

  • Eligible for support are all low and middle income countries that are committed to moving closer to UHC/SHP.
  • Interested countries may contact the country office of one of the P4H network members (WHO; the World Bank; ILO; German, Swiss and Spanish Development Cooperation; the French Embassy or the United States Agency for International Develpment).
  • There is no standardized application process. An informal letter addressed to the country representative of one of the P4H members stating the type of assistance sought will suffice. Each request will be dealt with individually to ensure a flexible and tailored response to UHC/SHP support needs.