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Operation ASHA: Delivering "last mile" in service delivery

11 JUNE 2013 — Operation ASHA’s eCompliance tool has received recognition from the World Bank Group and Rockefeller Foundation for bridging the gap between healthcare policy and results on the ground.

After visiting Operation ASHA’s TB treatment center in Delhi, Onno Ruhl, Country Director of the World Bank Group in India, published a blog as part of the Bank Group’s series “End Poverty in South Asia”. In the blog Mr Ruhl praises the fingerprinting system Operation ASHA uses to ensure patients adhere to their six-month long TB treatment for successfully crossing “the mile that lies in between well-intended government programs and results on the ground.”

He continues: “And they do it with relentless focus and incredible efficiency. What if we could develop Operations ASHA for other problems as well? 90% efficiency and 19 times cheaper? It would be incredible! For those of you who don’t know, ASHA means hope. Hope for millions of TB patients. But to me it can be even more: hope for millions of others who need services, all over the world. Our last miles must become cheaper and more efficient. ASHA’s results in applying the science of delivery give rise to real hope that this can happen.”

Soon after, Operation ASHA went on to win the Bank Group’s Development Innovation Award, which comes with substantial in-kind support and $100,000 in grant funding.

Operation ASHA’s eCompliance tool has also been selected by The Rockefeller Foundation for its “Next Century Innovators Award”.