Ensuring a gender perspective in future development frameworks

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UN Women has launched a new paper to contribute to the ongoing debate on the next global development agenda to replace the United Nations Millennium Development Goals beyond their 2015 deadline. In the paper, UN Women lays out its vision for a transformative framework that addresses the structural impediments to gender equality and the achievement of women’s rights. The paper, A Transformative Stand-Alone Goal on Achieving Gender Equality, Women’s Rights and Women’s Empowerment: Imperatives and Key Components is available for download on the UN Women website.

To hear feedback on the standalone gender equality goal proposed by the paper, and to hear ideas on how to ensure a gender perspective in future development frameworks, UN Women is hosting an online discussion. The aim of the discussion is to be as broad and open as possible, in order to enable a multitude of voices to be heard from academia, media, civil society organizations (including national and international non-governmental organizations), the private sector, governments, and the UN System. UN Women strongly encourages participants to share not only their personal views, but also engage with and bring forth the voices of the constituencies they represent, who might themselves not be able to participate online. The recommendations emerging from the discussion will be summarized to inform UN Women’s future work on the post-2015 sustainable development framework.

The discussion invites reflections on the following set of questions:

  • What is your feedback on the proposed targets and indicators?
  • Are there any additional targets and indicators that you would like to propose?
  • Are there any targets and indicators that you think should be dropped or revised?

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