RFA: Children's Prize seeks innovative solutions to under-5 mortality

Request for applications posted: 20 March 2013
Applications due: 31 May 2013

The Children's Prize, an initiative of the Miami-based Whole New World Foundation, is accepting proposals for the best plan to directly and quickly save the lives of children from birth to age five anywhere in the world. Proposals will be accepted from nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, government agencies and programs, academic institutions, and individuals age 18 or older from anywhere in the world.

The rules are extremely simple: the winner will present a proposal that balances credibility with the greatest number of lives saved, and will be awarded one million dollars to execute their vision. The lives to be saved must be in immediate danger, and the names of the beneficiaries must be provided to the donor over the course of the winning project. The timeline and budget details are up to the applicant.

The Children’s Prize is a project created by Ted Caplow, an engineer and entrepreneur with a background in renewable energy, sustainable food production, and water contaminant dynamics.

The entry form and contest rules, together with video interviews with Dr Caplow and further information on the prize and how to join the judging committee, can be found at: www.childrensprize.org

Questions can be emailed to: info@childrensprize.org