Mother and Child Health and Education Trust: HealthPhone brings knowledge to villages

11 FEBRUARY 2013 | INDIA - A project of the Mother and Child Health and Education Trust uses mobile phone technology to bring health and nutrition information directly to those most in need of it, and who otherwise often remain unreached. The project, called HealthPhone, helps provide a delivery mechanism for, and to facilitate greater access to, internationally-approved multi-lingual health and nutrition knowledge.

The Trust has an extensive video library in 46 languages and has started developing videos of, for example, Facts for Life for use on mobile phones, free of charge to the end-user. The Trust says that eHealth can and must be an important contributor to the improvement of maternal and children's health, especially that of the most vulnerable and least privileged.

Following successful piloting in India, the Trust says it is open to partnerships that can bring HealthPhone to the next level of its development and application in the field.