Supporting efforts to end obstetric fistula

"This report is submitted in accordance with General Assembly resolution 65/188, in which the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit to it at its sixty-seventh session a report on the implementation of the resolution under the item entitled “Advancement of women”."

"Obstetric fistula is a severe maternal morbidity which can affect any woman or girl who suffers from prolonged or obstructed labour without timely access to an emergency Caesarean section. It is one of the most devastating consequences of neglected childbirth and a stark example of health inequity in the world. Although obstetric fistula has been eliminated in industrialized countries, it continues to afflict the most impoverished women and girls in the developing world, mainly those in rural and remote areas. Eliminating obstetric fistula as a global health problem necessitates scaling up country capacity to provide access to comprehensive emergency obstetric care, treat fistula cases, and address underlying medical, socioeconomic, cultural and human rights determinants. To end obstetric fistula, countries must ensure universal access to reproductive health services; eliminate gender-based social and economic inequities; prevent child marriage and early childbearing; promote education and broader human rights, especially for girls; and foster community participation in finding solutions, including through the active involvement of men."