Changing Lives Campaign to celebrate UK Mothers’ Day

DFID Changing Lives Campaign illustration
Photo: DFID

15 MARCH 2012 | DFID FACEBOOK – This Mother's Day, the United Kingdom Department of International Development is highlighting how UK aid is helping two million women to deliver their babies safely in the world's poorest countries. DFID has launched a special Facebook campaign called “Changing Lives” for 18 March -- Mothers’ Day in the UK.

On the Changing Lives Facebook, find stories about real life people:

  • Musu—a mother who has gone into labour in one of the most dangerous places in the world to have a baby – Sierra Leone. Here, one in four women of child-bearing age die in pregnancy and childbirth. One in eleven babies are lost before their first birthday.
  • Dr Mohamed Yilla from Aberdeen, a British volunteers funded by UK aid and UNICEF – who is helping to cut the high numbers of deaths in mothers and babies in poor countries.
  • A photo story of helping India’s infants survive against the odds.

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