MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe

Online exhibition tackles issues that matter to mothers around the world

JANUARY-SEPTEMBER 2012 - A global online exhibition hosted by the International Museum of Women (IMOW) is exploring the realities and ideas of a new global generation of mothers through art, stories and powerful new voices. The exhibition, entitled “MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe”, aims to turn inspiration into action, helping fuel a worldwide movement of advocates for mothers’ human rights and advances in maternal health.

MAMA is an unprecedented online project, bringing together journalists, artists, thought leaders, filmmakers, and photographers from all over the world. Starting in January 2012 and culminating in September 2012, IMOW will unveil a sequence of eight exhibition topic galleries, each focusing on a different dimension of contemporary motherhood. Galleries will feature a remarkable body of work including: videos profiling mothers from around the world, multi-media art, big ideas from global thought leaders, a curated short story collection, profiles of heroes and much more.

RMNCH Highlights

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

This component of the online exhibition features a photo gallery exploring the realities of 21st century pregnancy and childbirth.

Sign the pledge

IMOW has joined forces with Every Mother Counts, a global maternal health campaign, to offer exhibition visitors the opportunity to sign a Pledge, which will be delivered to governments and policy makers, culminating with a special presentation in conjunction with the UN General Assembly in September 2012.