Reproductive Health Matters: Call for papers

Reproductive and sex-related morbidity: neglected problems
November 2012 Vol. 20 No. 40

Much of the time in public health and human rights work, we are trying to reduce mortality by preventing and treating potentially fatal conditions in time to save the person’s life. We concentrate on mortality because there are so many untimely deaths.

What sorts of morbidity are there in relation to sexual and reproductive health?

The November 2012 issue of Reproductive Health Matters will be exploratory. Commentaries, case histories, qualitative reports, perspectives on how morbidity can possibly be taken up in struggling health care systems in middle- and low-income countries, whether or not developed country health systems are doing as well as they should, whether morbidity is falling at the same time as mortality, e.g. from unsafe abortions; whether prevention and/or treatment are succeeding in reducing disease, e.g. with genital warts following HPV vaccination; evidence that some diseases such as gonorrhoea are becoming untreatable due to antibiotic resistance; and whether help for menstrual problems is any better now than it was in previous decades – these are only a few suggestions for papers.

Submissions due: ± March 2012