Health for All: Focus on need for equity in realizing RMNCH goals

Extracted from the video debate
Photo extracted from the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre web televised debate

JANUARY 2012 | During the month of January, the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre shed light on a number of issues surrounding inequity in efforts to improve women’s and children’s health.

Video: Televised web debate explores impact of inequity on progress in women’s and children’s health

Health care is crucial for the well-being of children and women. But just how important is equity when it comes to the subject of health for all? In a televised web debate produced by the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Dr Cesar Victora, President of the International Epidemiological Association, Dr Janet Vega, the Director of the Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health policy in Chile, and Dr Mickey Chopra, UNICEF's Chief of Health, tackle this issue and elaborate on why equity and health care must go hand in hand.

Research Watch: Unmet obstetric needs amongst internally displaced populations in northern Uganda, 2007-2009

Christopher Garimoi Orach from Makerere University School of Public Health, Kampala, provides analysis on research on the unmet needs of new and expectant mothers in displaced populations in Uganda, and Gavin Mooney from the University of Cape Town discusses research on the impact of healthcare payments on families, and in particular on the well-being of children.

Commentary: Equity, Human Rights, and Health: Here, There and Back Again

In this commentary, Sofia Gruskin, Director of the Program on Global Health and Human Rights at the Institute for Global Health, provides insight into the interplay between equity, human rights and health in meeting the targets outlined in the Countdown to 2015 for Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival.