High Level Taskforce on International Innovative Financing for Health Systems: Report released

29 MAY 2009 | PARIS - The report of the Taskforce on International Innovative Financing for Health Systems, co-chaired by Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister and Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, was completed on 29th May at the third Taskforce meeting held in Paris. All Taskforce members agreed to a final report and set of recommendations that includes a range of innovative financing options that countries and other stakeholders can choose to support.

The main recommendations of Taskforce report:

  • Recommendation 1: The Taskforce highlights the critical need to raise up to an additional US$10 billion per year to spend on health in poor countries.
  • Recommendation 2: Expand the mandatory solidarity levy on airline tickets and explore the technical viability of other solidarity levies on tobacco and currency transactions.
  • Recommendation 3: Expand the use of the International Financing Facility for Immunization and other approaches to ensure predictability.
  • Recommendation 4: Provide public catalytic funding for large-scale private giving initiatives such as voluntary solidarity contributions and a proposed “De-Tax”.
  • Recommendation 5: Establish or expand existing funds for results-based “buy-down” funding.
  • Recommendation 6: Strengthen the capacity of governments to secure better performance and investment from private, faith-based, community, NGO and other non-state actors in the health sector.
  • Recommendation 7: Make the allocation of existing and additional funds in countries more efficient, by filling gaps in costed and agreed national health strategies.
  • Recommendation 8: The Taskforce requests OECD/DAC with partners to undertake a review of all current technical assistance, with a view to focusing it on strengthening national and local institutional capacity in priority areas such as public administration and accountability, financing, service delivery arrangements and the non-state sectors.
  • Recommendation 9: Establish a health systems funding platform for the Global Fund, GAVI Alliance, the World Bank and others to coordinate, mobilize, streamline and channel the flow of existing and new international resources to support national health strategies.
  • Recommendation 10: To monitor how well we are doing, a regular forum will be held for countries and partners, building on the IHP+ Ministerial Review.