Global Summit on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics


First-ever global CRVS summit builds on PMNCH position to prioritize health beyond 2015

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health joined more than 200 policymakers, academics, regional and country representatives, as well as representatives from multilateral organizations, development banks, the private sector and donor groups in participating in the first-ever global summit on civil registration and vital statistics.

The summit, titled “Make Every Life Count,” was co-hosted by the World Health Organization and the Health Metrics Network and organized by a collaboration of United Nations and international development organizations with a stake and role to play in the improvement of civil registration and vital statistics around the world.

The summit set out to accomplish the following objectives:

  • galvanize multi-stakeholder support to civil registration and vital statistics as a priority development agenda;
  • demonstrate the value of regional platforms to support country progress on civil registration and vital statistics systems strengthening and share lessons learned;
  • explore innovations in civil registration and vital statistics systems and their potential for scaling up;
  • agree on the priority actions moving forward for development partners involved in civil registration and vital statistics, through a Bangkok Statement, outlining and action plan for strengthening country civil registration and vital statistics systems.

The role of PMNCH advocacy and efforts on information and accountability in support of maternal and child health received recognition from summit organizers and was specifically mentioned in the drafting of the summit’s Call to Action document, which is still being finalized.

The importance of ensuring that health and CRVS have a prominent place among the post-2015 sustainable development goals received notable emphasis during the summit. Appreciation was expressed for the PMNCH position to prioritize women’s and children’s health beyond 2015, with the PMNCH summary statement officially mentioned during the summit and a call made to participants to add their signatures, resulting in nearly 70 new additions from diverse stakeholders from around the globe.