Conflict of interest and the Expanded Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH; Partnership) reviewed the Conflict of Interest (COI) paper and the related Finance Committee Terms of Reference (TOR). It found that the COI paper and the TOR could benefit from some updates and also clarifications in the language that is used. The main updates and clarifications include:


In 2011 the Legal Department of WHO advised that if the PMNCH Board wanted to have a separate process for reviewing funding allocations for delivery of goods and services under PMNCH existing workplans to current Board members , it should set up a separate advisory group to review such funding allocation and that this group should remain separate from the Finance Committee.

Following the discussion on this issue at the 10th PMNCH Board Meeting (1&2 June 2011), the Board however decided not to approve the establishment of a separate or independent Advisory Group, but to expand the Finance Committee to five (5) members. In doing so, it tasked the Expanded Finance Committee with reviewing and making recommendations on funding allocation (that have cumulatively exceeded USD 100,000 in any one calendar year) to current Board Members for activities in the Workplan.

Ongoing consultations in 2012 and 2013 with the WHO Legal Department, and members of the Partnership (including the Finance Committee), proposed as a workable compromise that the Finance Committee’s role should be one of reviewing the process for awarding such contracts, and not to make decisions on the awards themselves. The decision making process needs to adhere to the standard WHO procurement rules and regulations, given the Partnership is hosted by WHO.

This paper sets out an updated COI policy, for the Board to adopt