Education and Health: the Spandrels to Build a Gender Equal World

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3 SEPTEMBER 2015 | ONLINE - This year, as students return to school, we should think about young people as individuals, rather than as issues. For any individual woman to gain equal opportunity, what would she need as a girl? Education and health. Graça Machel, the Partnership’s Board Chair and Founder of Graca Machel Trust together with Mark Dybul, Executive Director, Global Fund, discuss the linkages between education and health in a new blog. This blog is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post, "What's Working: Sustainable Development Goals," in conjunction with the United Nations' SDGs.

Ministers discuss Global Strategy at Call to Action meeting in Delhi

27-28 AUGUST 2015 | NEW DELHI, INDIA - The two-day global 'Call to Action Summit 2015' concluded with Ministers and senior delegates from more than 22 countries delegations adopting the Delhi Declaration on 'ending preventable maternal and child deaths. The two-day meeting was an opportunity for countries to take stock of progress, share best practices, and forge alliances for ending preventable child and maternal deaths. Key to this will be the updated Global Strategy, which was introduced and discussed during plenary.

Healthy women and children at the centre of the Sustainable Development Goals

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14 AUGUST 2015 | NEW YORK, NY - After three years of intense advocacy, women and children’s health is poised to claim a central role in the new post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. The proposed outcome document of the SDG Summit, Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, was published this week. It includes a broad range of targets relating to reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH).

Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Emergencies Remains Fatal Omission

5 AUGUST 2015 | LONDON, UK — According to a global evaluation released today by the Inter- Agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crises, reproductive health remains drastically underfunded in humanitarian settings. Conflict affected countries receive 57 percent less funding for reproductive health than those not experiencing conflict. Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan, in her address at the launch, hailed the report for showing that the "rights and needs of women, children and adolescents living in crisis situations needs to be front and centre of national and international planning, programming and funding".

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  • 27 August

    Maternal and Child Survival Initiative Saves Millions of Lives

    A new report released by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) shows that it’s maternal and child survival efforts have resulted in nearly two-and-a-half million more children surviving and 200,000 maternal deaths averted since 2008 in USAID’s 24 priority countries. This report chronicles the progress made on a country-by-country basis since USAID launched the roadmap a year ago and provides additional detail on the roadmap for saving maternal lives.

  • 24 August

    Improving preterm birth outcomes: WHO launches new guidance

    A new guidance– WHO recommendations on interventions to improve preterm birth outcomes– has been launched to help prevent the complications and consequences of preterm birth. Adding to efforts worldwide to further reduce child mortality, it offers recommendations on interventions that can be provided to the mother when preterm birth is imminent and to the preterm infant after birth, with the aim of improving outcomes for preterm infants.

  • 19 August

    World Humanitarian Day: prioritizing women, children & adolescents in fragile settings

    In September the Global Strategy for Women’s Children’s and Adolescents’ Health will be launched alongside the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Key to the success of the updated Global Strategy is the need for concerted action in nine areas, including assisting critical population groups such as newborns, adolescents and those living in humanitarian settings.

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