Innovation Working Group (IWG)


Harnessing cost-effective innovations will improve the health of women and children in low resource settings and connect them to the global economy; and will help achieve the health Millennium Development Goals.


In support of the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, the Innovation Working Group (IWG) is the global hub for innovation in the United Nations Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative. The IWG catalyzes initiation and enables the scaling of innovations across technological, social, financial, policy and business domains. The IWG continues to pursue leadership in supporting collaborative efforts among multiple stakeholders.

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health serves as the Secretariat for the IWG at its offices in Geneva. The IWG includes nearly 183 individual members representing 79 institutions; including 20 NGOs/non-profits, 22 private sector, 12 UN organization, 7 academic institutions, and 14 ministries and government organisations.

These partners work together to find new, effective and efficient ways to deliver enabling environments and solutions that can be brought to scale based on successful examples and pilots for a lasting impact in women’s and children’s health.

Innovation builds upon the existing market-based systems to advance creative and sustainable solutions through multi-sectoral approaches, drawing from lessons learned in public and private partnerships and collaborations to diffuse new market innovations and scale-up sustainable solutions to improve women’s and children’s health.