Global Call to Leaders and other donors


We do not need a new cure to save the lives of 6 million women and children. What we need is political leadership and investment. An additional $US10.2 billion is needed yearly to provide basic health services for women, newborns and children in developing countries: That is what the world spends every 2.5 days on military expenditures.

In April 2008 The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health issued a Global Call to Leaders and other donors, which was developed by the Partnership in collaboration with its 260 member organizations around the world.

From the Partnership website, we urge you to "Play your Part", join partners and sign the Global Call to Leaders and other donors. We urge you to share the Call with other individuals and organizations. In this area of our website, we have the following resources relating to the Global Call. The links to these resources are located in Table of Contents to the right.

GLOBAL CALL STATEMENT: A link to the full text Statement of the Global Call for Leaders in six languages for you to download and share.

PARTNERS TAKE ACTION: You will also find news generated about the Global Call to date, including our Partners' actions on the Global Call to date.

G8 WATCH: We also have news and briefs of maternal, newborn and child health at the G8 Summit held in Japan in July 2008.

PRESS CENTRE: find The Partnership's press release and statement at the time of the G8 Summit July 2008.

DOWNLOAD BANNERS: Download the Global Call Campaign Banners to post a link to the Campaign on YOUR website.

Share your action with others!

We also urge you to keep us posted regarding your actions in the Global Call--actions which will be posted in the Partners Take Action section of the website.