PMNCH Small Grants Programme

PMNCH is supporting greater alignment and collaboration among country and regional level civil society organizations to create common advocacy platforms, messages and activities. This effort seeks to promote greater capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for local, national and regional mobilization and accountability.

Through the small grants initiative, PMNNCH will support rapid mappings of CSOs involved in advocacy for reproductive maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) advocacy, the organization of national civil society advocacy stakeholder meetings to discuss and agree on common RMNCH priorities, needs, and the development of joint workplans around advocacy for women’s and children’s health.

Limited PMNCH support will be used as support for specific joint activities emerging from joint workplans. This could include: capacity building in resource-tracking and policy analysis, development of online communication platforms to bring partners together, workshops and meetings to promote cross-sectoral engagement, training in media/communication skills and message development, development and translation of policy briefs, etc. PMNCH support would be limited to catalytic activities, encouraging additional cash and in-kind resources of partners to be brought forward for common workplan activities in focus countries.

The Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health identifies civil society organizations as key in advocating for increased attention to and investment in the health of women and children and holding different stakeholders to account for their commitments. The PMNCH Small Grants Programme seeks to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to play this crucial role.