National advocacy

Supporting Joint Action through National CSO Coalitions

Meeting at Kampala 2012

PMNCH has provided catalytic support to the development of national CSO-led advocacy coalitions in 10 countries, supporting greater joint mapping and planning on advocacy strategies and activities. These countries include seven in Africa (Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Burkina Faso) and three in Asia (India, Indonesia, Bangladesh). Joint work has included cross-sectoral mapping of CSOs involved in advocacy for reproductive maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) advocacy, the organization of national civil society advocacy stakeholder meetings to discuss and agree on common RMNCH priorities, and the development of joint workplans around advocacy for women’s and children’s health.

Activities emerging from this scoping work has included civil society capacity building in resource-tracking and policy analysis, development of online communication platforms to bring partners together, workshops and meetings to promote cross-sectoral engagement, training in media/communication skills and message development, and development and translation of policy briefs.