Human rights and maternal mortality

Working very closely with United Nations Agencies, the World Health Organization and other PMNCH members, the Partnership has been involved in the development of and follow-up to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution on Maternal Mortality which was agreed in 2010. PMNCH continues to work in the context of the human rights approach to maternal and child health.

  • PMNCH urges member input on human rights policies and actions regarding maternal mortality
    7 DECEMBER 2011 - As a follow-up to the September 2011 resolution of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) on human rights and preventable maternal mortality and morbidity, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is now seeking input to prepare technical guidance on the application of a human rights-based approach to the implementation of policies and programmes to reduce preventable maternal mortality and morbidity. PMNCH is urging its members to respond to the call before the deadline of 15 December 2011.
  • UN Human Rights Council urges action in new 2011 Resolution on Preventable Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
    20 SEPTEMBER 2011 | GENEVA - In a resolution (A/HRC/18/L.8) regarding preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and human rights, as orally amended adopted without a vote, the United Nations Human Rights Council encourages States and other relevant stakeholders to take action at all levels to address the interlinked root causes of maternal mortality and morbidity, such as poverty, malnutrition, harmful practices, lack of accessible and appropriate health-care services, information and education, and gender inequality, and to pay particular attention to eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls.
  • Human Rights Council side event on preventable maternal mortality
    14 SEPTEMBER 2011 — The Permanent Missions of New Zealand, Burkina Faso and Colombia organized a high-level side event during the 18th session of the UN Human Rights Council, on "Applying the human rights-based approach to efforts to eliminate preventable maternal mortality and morbidity." The event was organized in support of the latest report of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on preventable maternal mortality and human rights, and was co-sponsored by a wide range of governments, civil society partners and UN agencies.
  • PMNCH Knowledge summaries: 8 - Strive for universal access
    2011 - Providing universal access to health care is still a challenge for many countries. But they can make significant improvements in three key ways. First, they can ensure entitlements, which link human rights with the resources required to enjoy these rights. Secondly, they can integrate services and packages to promote access and improve outcomes for women and children.Thirdly, they can strengthen and scale up health systems, reaching out to those who are underserved.
  • United Nations Human Rights Council 2010 Resolution on maternal health
    27 SEPTEMBER 2010 - In a follow-up to the June 2009 Resolution on Maternal Mortality, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution on Maternal health as a Human Right on 27 September 2010 at its Fifteenth Session. Said Luz Angela Melo, Human Rights Adviser for the UNFPA: "The new resolution on maternal mortality and human rights constitutes a step forward in the recognition of maternal mortality as a human rights issue.
  • International roundtable explores human rights and maternal mortality
    2 SEPT 2010 | GENEVA - Some 120 experts gathered in an international roundtable on maternal mortality, human rights and accountability to look at ways to ensure that “Resolution 11/8 – Preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and human rights”--turn into concrete actions in countries. The session, which was in part chaired by PMNCH Director Dr Flavia Bustreo, featured examples of successful country accountability initiatives which monitor human rights violations and assess the level of compliance of countries to the charters which they have signed.
  • Human Rights Council Consultative Lunch
    9 JUNE 2010 | GENEVA - This event was organized by The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Permanent Mission of Norway, World Vision, Child Health Now.
  • United Nations Human Rights Council recognises maternal mortality as human rights concern
    17 JUNE 2009 | Geneva - The Human Rights Council, at its eleventh regular session, has adopted a landmark resolution on ‘Preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and human rights’ in which governments express grave concern for the unacceptably high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity, acknowledge that this is a human rights issue and commit to enhance their efforts at the national and international level to protect the lives of women and girls worldwide.