Senior Technical Officer – Policy and Advocacy

Lori McDougall

Ms Lor McDougall

Lori McDougall articulates policy approaches to improve MNCH outcomes and accelerate the achievement of MDGs 4 and 5. She is responsible for harmonizing MNCH messages and raising the profile of MNCH policies globally, mobilizing partners and resources, reaching key policy-making bodies and audiences through advocacy and positioning MNCH in the context of health system initiatives.

Ms McDougall (Canada) is a policy and advocacy expert who has worked in India, Cambodia, Nepal, Hong Kong, the U.K., Switzerland and Canada. As consultant and former Senior Advisor to The Partnership, Ms McDougall developed strategies and supervised MNCH advocacy campaigns in New York, India and Tanzania and coordinated the PMNCH Partners’ Forum in Tanzania in 2007. For several years, she worked with the BBC World Service Trust, where she managed several award-winning TV/radio advocacy campaigns on global health issues, including HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and leprosy. A former journalist, Ms McDougall was an editor for Canada's women's magazine, Chatelaine, and Chief of Correspondents for a regional business magazine in Hong Kong, Asia, Inc. Ms McDougall earned her first degree in her home-town at the University of Toronto in English literature, and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics (Development Studies). She is presently working on a doctoral thesis looking at the impact of advocacy and communications on health systems strengthening at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine