Partners' Forum

Mr Tore Godal and Hon. Prof. David H. Mwakusiya, MoH, Tanzania at the 2007 Partners' Forum
Photo credit: WHO/Barny Trevlyan Johnson

The Partners' Forum is the over-arching decision-making body of The Partnership which is made up of all constituencies and members and meets biennially during a global maternal, newborn and child health conference.

The Forum meeting serves as a regular global platform for the renewal of commitment to the mission and purpose of The Partnership, for global high level advocacy and for achieving broad consensus on the strategy and priorities of The Partnership.

The Partners' Forum:

  • Selects representatives from each constituency group to serve on the Board;
  • Consolidates and increases members’ commitment to the objectives of The Partnership and maintains and reinforces high level political commitment;
  • Enriches plans and activities through the active exchange of information and experience;
  • Highlights any special opportunities and constraints that would warrant the attention of the Board;
  • Reviews overall progress and reports presented by the Board and makes recommendations;
  • Makes use of the Forum meeting for advocacy, communications activities and social mobilisation at national and global levels;
  • Provides a forum for dissemination of good practice and experience;
  • Considers any matter related to The Partnership referred to it by the Chair of the Board or by the Director.

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