The key bodies that oversee the PMNCH work are the PMNCH Board, its Committees and the Partners’ Forum, agreed and defined in the PMNCH Strategic Framework and supported by the PMNCH Secretariat.

The Board

The Board is The Partnership's governing body. It is responsible for overseeing the PMNCH at a macro-level with a focus on medium- and long-term plans. The Board is also charged with mobilizing funds; outlining organizational policy; and establishing goals, priorities, strategies and targets for the Partnership. There are two Committees under the direction of the Board: the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee.

Partners' Forum

The Partners' Forum is a meeting which includes all members of The Partnership. It is responsible for nominating representatives to the Board, supporting and furthering PMNCH objectives and serving as a medium for the exchange of ideas and information. There have been three Partners’ Forums to date: 2008 in Tanzania, 2010 in India and 2014 in South Africa. Follow the link to the left for more information and a full report on the Partners’ Forums.

PMNCH Secretariat

The Partnership Secretariat is hosted and administered within the World Health Organization in Geneva and undertakes day-to-day administration of the Partnership work plan.

Meetings and documents

The schedule for all meetings and accompanying documents and Notes for the Record can be found on the left.