Finance Committee

The Finance Committee (FC) is be a permanent committee of the Board, reporting to the Board, and composed of five members.

The FC works closely with the Director and other Secretariat staff, and is responsible for providing with advice on all policy and strategy issues that relate to finance and audit to the Board.

The Finance Committee reports to the PMNCH Board and meets (with a quorum of three), at least twice per year, just prior to the Board meeting.

Five people, one of whom has appropriate financial and audit expertise, are appointed by the Board for a two-year terms, renewable once.

Members of the FC include:

  • Stefan Germann (Chair), World Vision International
  • Hamid Rushwan, FIGO
  • Rafael Cortez, World Bank
  • John Good, International Planned Parenthood Federation
  • Josh Lozman, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Meetings and documents section contains the PMNCH Governance Calendar and all Notes for the Record, and accompanying documents for PMNCH governance meetings.

Financial reports