Government of Tanzania

Hon. Dr. Seif Seleman Rashid
MP and Minister for Health and social Welfare in the Republic of Tanzania
Started term: June 2011

Before becoming a Minister for health in 2014and before this new position he was a Deputy Minister for Health and Social Welfare. Also, he has been working in the public and private health sectors systems in the Country for over 18 years. Also he has been involved in medical related research on communicable and non-communicable diseases including HIV Medicine and Control and Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus. He has more than 30 publications in the peer reviewed journals. He has been on frontline on prevention of communicable diseases especially prevention of HIV and Hepatitis B and C Virus through support towards establishment of the National Blood Transfusion Services as a Director for Health and Care Services at Red Cross through supporting development of guidelines and standards. Hon. Dr. Seif holds a Master Degree in Public Health from United Kingdom and a PhD in Medical Sciences from United Kingdom.