Save the Children

Naida Pasion
Director Newborn and Child Survival Campaign

Naida Pasion has decades of experience in health and nutrition programming and advocacy/campaigns in the global south, particularly in fragile state settings in Asia and currently in West and Central Africa. She is known for working with teams to craft innovative solutions for advocacy, campaigns and fund raising under challenging and repressive contexts, resulting to policy change and increased funding despite such challenges. She has led the development of multi-sectoral programs using health and nutrition as platforms, and integrating education, child protection, food security and livelihoods in both development and humanitarian settings.

Naida is one of Save the Children’s global experts on community mobilization, designing a distinct approach called Appreciative Community Mobilization (ACM). Previously based in the Philippines, Myanmar, and in Save the Children’s Regional Office in Singapore, Naida has covered countries in Asia from Tajikistan to China. Naida is currently the Regional Program Director for Save the Children in Asia. In terms of her formal educational background, Naida is a statistician/researcher.