PMNCH Governance Calendar


While the Board and Committees members hold the right to call for meetings when and as needed, the PMNCH Secretariat works diligently to ensure that the Partnership’s governance basic events take place effectively as scheduled provided availability of required participants, as follows:

  • The Partners’ Forum takes place every two years, where all PMNCH members meet;
  • The Board meets twice every year;
  • The Executive Committee holds a teleconference every two months;
  • The Finance Committee meets twice yearly, two weeks prior to each Board meeting;
  • Constituencies` Board Representatives meet prior to each Board Meeting; and
  • Constituencies hold a teleconference at least once every three months.

Please find below dates of PMNCH governance events, along with links to relevant documents. Please do not hesitate to contact: to request particular materials that may not be available in the following list.




29 June: PMNCH Executive Committee (EC) Meeting


31 July: Executive Committee teleconference




1 December 2014 (morning): Pre-Board Constituencies and Committees Meetings, Geneva, Intercontinental

1-2 December 2014: PMNCH Board Meeting and Strategy Retreat, Geneva, Intercontinental