Public health, innovation, intellectual property and trade

Request for proposals: Global Platform on Innovation and Access

The World health Organization has issued a request for proposals for the development of the Global Platform on Innovation and Access, an on-line portal that helps to monitor the progress of the implementation of the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property (GSPA-PHI) by Member States and other stakeholders, collecting information on innovation and access to medical products and technologies.

As specified in the request for proposal (RFP), a firm will be selected under the selection method and procedures described in this RFP.

The Department of Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property invites you to carefully read the document and its annexes and, if interested, submit your proposal BY NO LATER THAN 16 SEPTEMBER 2013, 17:00 (Geneva time).

Should you require additional information, we would endeavor to provide information expeditiously, but any delay in providing such information will not be considered a reason for extending the submission date of your proposal. Please, send your communication only via email to the following address: