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Monitoring and reporting

PHI’s role in monitoring and reporting of GSPA-PHI

  • Setting up reporting mechanisms for Member Sates and other stakeholders
  • Providing technical assistance to Member States for collection of data
  • Reporting to WHO governing bodies on the overall implementation of the strategy

One of the elements of the GSPA-PHI (element 8) states that: “Systems should be established to monitor performance and progress of this strategy. A progress report will be submitted to the Health Assembly through the Executive Board every two years. A comprehensive evaluation of the strategy will be undertaken after four years”.

Additionally, action (8.1) establishes that measuring performance and progress towards objectives contained in the GSPA should include the following activities:

  • Establish systems to monitor performance and progress of the implementation of each element of the GSPA.

PHI has developed a monitoring and reporting framework and is now in the resource mobilization phase for its implementation.