Prevention of blindness and deafness

WHO Symposium on primary ear and hearing care and Poster Competition

WHO Symposium on primary ear and hearing care
was organized as part of the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Otolaryngological Societies (IFOS) held at Seoul, South Korea from 1-5 June 2013. This was combined with a poster session and competition on ‘raising awareness about ear and hearing care within communities.’ The poster session was organized in collaboration with the Society of Sound Hearing.

The session was chaired by Dr Jan Grote of Netherlands and Dr Olusanya of Nigeria. The following speakers spoke at the meeting:

  • Dr Shelly Chadha, WHO: WHO programme for prevention of deafness and hearing loss and the concepts of primary ear and hearing care
  • Dr Diego Santana, CBM: CBM reference plan for ear and hearing care
  • Dr Arun Agarwal, India: National Programme for EHC in India
  • Dr Yasawardene, Sri Lanka: Programme for Prevention of Deafness in Sri Lanka
  • Dr Saunders, USA: Nicaraguan National Hearing and Ear Care Program.

12 entries were received for the poster competition. The posters were judged by a panel of judges, including Dr Jose Barajas of Spain, Dr Olusanya of Nigeria and Dr Rakesh Shrivastav of Nepal. Certificates and prizes for the top three entries were provided by the Society for Sound Hearing.

The outcome of the poster competition was as follows:

1st position: Prevention of aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity in Nicaragua, a project of education and awareness. Authors: Dr Afton Chavez, Dr Karen Mojica Alvarez, , Dr Roni Nitecki

2nd position: Healthy hearing for them Author: Dr Eka Putra Setiawan

3rd position: Better Ear and Hearing Care for Your Community. Author: Dr Paras Agarwal

We thank all participants for their contributions.