Patient safety

Patient Safety Research: A guide for developing training programmes

What is this guide?

It is a comprehensive document that brings current concepts on curriculum building, training and education in the field of patient safety research.

Who is the audience for the guide?

This guide is intended for course organizers, trainers or faculty members who contribute towards curriculum development and the organization of training programmes at their respective institutions.

Rationale of this guide

It provides a list of core training objectives, based on a set of agreed core competencies, and examples for training programmes to be selectively chosen by educators based on their own programme objectives and target audience.

What does the guide contain?

The content of the guide is organized around four major sections:

  • The global scope of patient safety
  • Four steps to developing patient safety curricula
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes required for core competencies
  • Examples of training programmes

The WHO Patient Safety encourages users of the guide to provide feedback on the content, learning objectives, suggested teaching strategies and any other point to improve the usability of the guide. The feedback will help us understand how feasible, accessible and satisfactory the guide is perceived to be.

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