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A series of films have been developed for Patients for Patient Safety. Films from the PAHO, SEARO and EURO regions focus on past workshops and interviews with individual patient champions in the regions, while the Global Champions film brings together a selection of interviews from patient champions from across the regions. There are also a number of films focusing on specific issues; The "When things go wrong" film focuses on open disclosure and apology, while there are two short films focusing on the issue of hospital acquired infection and the importance of hand hygiene. The organization Consumers Advancing Patient Safety have kindly agreed to host the films and they are now available to download from the link below.

Patients for Patient Safety Network, Canada

  • Patients for Patient Safety Canada Video
    Video (YouTube 00:10:56)
    The Patients for Patient Safety network in Canada have made a film to highlight their work. This powerful film features 4 patient experiences of medical error and those families efforts to improve patient safety. It also gives a brief history of the PFPS network in Canada and how they are hoping to grow and expand their work in the future.

Patients for Patient Safety Workshop, London, November 2005

  • Patient Safety, Patient Voices
    Video (streaming wmv, 00:16:30)
    Filmed during the first Patients for Patient Safety Workshop held in London in November 2005 when the foundations of a global movement, promoting active patient involvement and partnership to tackle patient safety issues around the world, were laid.

A story by a champion of the Patients for Patient Safety from Ireland

  • Margaret Murphy
    Video (streaming wmv, 00:26:09)
    Patients for Patient Safety champion from Ireland and member of the PFPS Steering Group tells the story of her son Kevin who died as a result of medical error.

Patient experiences - captured at the June 2008 Human Factors, Ergonomics & Patient Safety Conference

The following videos feature nine of our Patients for Patient Safety Champions presenting their personal stories of medical error, along with their efforts to partner with the health care system to bring about safer health in their countries and regions of the world. They share their personal journey, their learning and their vision and hopes for the future.

The production of these films was sponsored by the National Patient Safety Agency UK


  • Susan Sheridan, 24 October 2004
    Video (streaming wmv, 00:15:10)
    Speech given at the launch of the World Health Organization patient safety programme at PAHO Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The information, comments and opinions expressed on these videos do not necessarily reflect those of the World Health Organization, and incidents described have not been verified by WHO. The speakers in the DVD take responsibility for the content of their statements and the opinions they express.

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