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PFPS advocacy materials


Regional PFPS declarations

The Regional PFPS Declarations have been created as a call to action to people around the world to raise awareness and be involved in patient engagement and advocacy efforts to improve patient safety.

All PFPS Champions, Associates and Collaborative Organizations commit to the principles and vision outlined in the London Declaration. A number of regional declarations have also been developed to reflect the specific needs and context of the region.

  • London Declaration
    pdf, 18kb

    Created as a result of the first global Patients for Patient Safety workshop held in London, United Kingdom, in November 2005.
  • Jakarta Declaration
    pdf, 107kb

    Created as a result of the South East Asian region workshop held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in July 2007.
  • Perth Declaration
    pdf, 180kb

    Created as a result of the first Australian Patients for Patient Safety Workshop in Perth, Australia, in July 2009.

Key PFPS documents

These documents were developed for PFPS Champions and others, to clarify and give guidance on the roles, responsibilities and structures within PFPS.

Collaborative Agreement

The following document outlines the agreement between PFPS Champions, Associates, Collaborative Organizations and the PFPS programme and defines roles and responsibilities.

Patients for Patient Safety Associates

The role of PFPS Associate has been established as a way of expanding the PFPS network and inviting other committed and motivated individuals to join the PFPS movement. This document describes who can be an Associate and how they can get involved in the work of PFPS.

Patients for Patient Safety Rules

These rules have been adopted by the Patients for Patient Safety Programme, outlining PFPS structures, roles and procedures.

Titles and Terminology

This document provides guidance on the titles and terminology that should be used by PFPS Champions, Associates and Collaborative Organizations when referring to PFPS.

Hosting an Official Workshop

If you would like to host an Official In-Country Patients for Patient Safety Workshop, please read the guidance and advice in the following document.

Other resources

If you would like to raise awareness of our work, please download the following documents.

  • Ask Me 3
    Developed by PFPS in collaboration with the National Patient Safety Foundation, USA, the Ask Me 3 patient education programme was designed to encourage communication between health-care providers and patients in order to improve health outcomes.