Patient safety

Patient safety educational resources


Learning from Error Workshop

Learning from error

This resource explores how multiple weaknesses present within the hospital system can lead to error. It aims to provide all health-care workers and managers with an insight into the underlying causes of such events. Although the workshop materials revolve around an error involving the inappropriate administration of vincristine, the underlying principles of why an error occurs are universal.

WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide for Medical Schools

Curriculum Guide and Accompanying Slides

This Curriculum Guide aims to encourage and facilitate the teaching of patient safety topics to medical students. The Curriculum Guide divides into two sections. The first part is aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of the teachers – a “train-the-trainer” manual. The second part focuses on core skills and knowledge on patient safety that should be taught.

Risk reduction in radiotherapy

Radiotherapy Risk Profile

There have been increasing reports of harm to patients caused by radiotherapy worldwide over recent years. This resource sets out where in the process harm occurs and identifies standardised safety interventions that could reduce harm to patients receiving radiotherapy.