Patient safety

Reports in the area of Patient Safety

Radiotherapy adverse event

Report by Professor Brian Toft

Toward Higher-Performance Health Systems: Adults' Health Care Experiences in Seven Countries, 2007

November 2007, The Commonwealth Fund

Independent review of the circumstances surrounding four serious adverse incidents that occurred in the Oncology Day Beds Unit, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children on Wednesday, 3 January 2007

August 2007, Professor Brian Toft

Hospital Performance Improvement: Trends on Quality and Efficiency—A Quantitative Analysis of Performance Improvement in U.S. Hospitals

April 2007
E. Kroch, M. Duan, S. Silow-Carroll et al., The Commonwealth Fund

This report presents results of a quantitative examination of the dynamics of hospital performance: the degree to which hospitals are improving (or deteriorating) in quality and efficiency over time.

Improving health care quality reporting: lessons from the California HealthCare Foundation

January 2007

Safer, Faster, Better? Evaluating Electronic Prescribing

November 2006
Nick Barber, Bryony Dean Franklin, Tony Cornford, Ela Klecun, Imogen Savage Department of Practice and Policy, School of Pharmacy, London WC1H 9JP

Staffing for Safety: A Synthesis of the Evidence on Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety

September 2006
This report by the CHSRF synthesizes what is known about the link between nurse staffing and patient safety. More importantly, this report provides evidence-informed recommendations for policy makers who work in this area.

National Study on Hospitalisation-Related Adverse Events

February 2006
ENEAS 2005.

Maximizing the use of state adverse event data to improve patient safety

October 2005
This report reviews key findings to assist states in improving their reporting systems.

Development of a Planning Tool to Guide Dissemination of Research Results

Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation. Vol. 4, Programs, Tools, and Products. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality; 2005.

Independent review of the circumstances surrounding four adverse events that occurred in the Reproductive Medicine Units at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, West Yorkshire

Department of Health UK, Professor Brian Toft - 22 June 2004

External Inquiry into the adverse incident that occurred at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, 4th January 2001

Department of Health UK, Professor Brian Toft - 19 April 2001