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African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS) Announces Series of Resources and Tools – A framework for action!

African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS), part of the WHO’s Patient Safety programme has today announced the availability of a series of resources and tools that have been developed for patient safety improvement activity in the context of an African hospital. The programme catalyses improvements in patient safety through the use of hospital-to-hospital partnerships and facilitates spread of patient safety improvements across and between countries.

These tools, co-developed and refined by frontline health professionals from the 6 hospital-to-hospital partnerships involved in the programme since 2009, are now openly available and although developed with hospital-to-hospital partnerships in mind have utility and applicability to any health setting wishing to implement patient safety improvements. The tools focus on four areas: planning, improvement, approaches and communications. Key tools include the Partnership Preparation Package which provides a place to start and overview of the APPS framework for action and the Patient Safety Situational Analysis which supports base line assessment of patient safety allowing priority action areas to be identified for focussed planning, action and evaluation.

Built on the basis of 12 key areas prioritised by the African Member States of the WHO African Region and agreed and committed to by all 46 countries in the region the tools allow individuals, partnerships, hospitals and other health care settings to plan and implement effective improvements in patient safety and quality of services so that patients throughout the region can avoid unnecessary or potential harm associated with health care.

APPS provides a framework for action

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