Patient safety

APPS Resources and Tools

Working with frontline health-care professionals from partnership hospitals, APPS has co-developed a series of tools to support the planning, implementation and review of patient safety improvement across the African setting. Although primarily developed by and focused on the APPS partnership hospitals, the APPS tools series is available for any hospital engaged in patient safety improvement.

APPS origins

Twelve key areas for patient safety action have been identified and are outlined in this paper that was presented at the 2008 African Regional Committee and endorsed by all 46 African Member States.

Helping you get started

APPS Preparation Package

The package presents an overview and simple step-by-step framework to help hospitals and partnerships to undertake systematic patient safety improvement using an approach co-developed by partnerships involved in the APPS programme.

APPS Communications Series

Advocacy material

APPS Building Momentum for Safer Healthcare

This report provides an overview of the African Partnerships for Patient Safety programme, outlining some key elements of programme implementation, highlighting the challenges that still lie ahead and emphasizing the growing momentum for action.

APPS Partnership Planning Series

APPS Improvement Series

Patient Safety Situational Analysis – Long Form

This is intended for use by APPS hospital teams to systematically gather information to provide a snapshot of patient safety within the hospital, focused on 12 patient safety action areas.

Patient Safety Situational Analysis – Short Form

This resource enables a quick systematic snapshot of patient safety within the hospital, focused on 12 patient safety action areas.

Improving Patient Safety: First Steps

This resource outlines an approach to improving patient safety using a partnership model, structured around 12 action areas for improvement and with spread as a central aim. It lists some critical considerations for improvers at the start of their improvement journey.

Resource Map

The resource map provides information on patient safety resources available around the world that can support improvement in the safety of care. It provides all the information in one place and shows how to access the resource, sharing case studies of its use where appropriate.

Evaluation Handbook

This handbook provides guidance and structure to the APPS evaluation process for partnership hospitals in the programme.

Spread Pack

This resource enables APPS hospitals to spread patient safety technical improvements and activities to hospitals in the national health system. The package allows any hospital in the developing world to undertake patient safety action.

APPS Approach Series

The APPS Approach Series outlines the APPS programme’s approach to a series of areas that support the successful outcome of patient safety projects in Africa.

  • APPS Workshop reports
    1st Wave Partnership Representatives Workshop Report - May 2009.
    1st Wave Partnership Implementation Workshop Report - Oct 2009.
    2nd Wave Partnership Workshop Report - Nov 2011.