Patient safety

APPS registration

African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS) has launched a web-based registration mechanism for hospital-to-hospital partnerships. Organizations not currently working in partnership but who are committed to patient safety improvement can also register.

The new mechanism allows two different categories of registration.

For those working in hospital-to-hospital partnerships involving an African hospital there is the option to register as an APPS Implementer which requires the partnership’s commitment to implementing the APPS patient safety improvement framework through the model of partnership.

For those not yet working in a partnership, or working with hospitals outside Africa and any other individuals or health organizations interested in patient safety registration is available as an APPS Community Member.

Registration allows access to the APPS online community where experience and lessons are shared and thematic patient safety discussions held. All registrants receive the APPS Quarterly Newsletter. APPS Implementers are connected with other hospitals in their countries of focus, that are involved in APPS and in particular the Focal Hospitals that have been participating in the programme with intensive support since 2009.

This open expansion of the APPS network will bring a sharing of knowledge and experience and spread good practice so that more patients and families are receiving health care services within systems that are focused on quality, safety and avoiding unecessary harm.