Patient safety

Partnerships unite for safer health care

"While African health systems have much to learn about safety, these same systems can also provide the world with some clear insights into how to develop and nurture safe systems. The potential for knowledge and skills to flow from Africa to the world cannot be ignored."

Dr Sam Zaramba, Chairman, WHO Executive Board 2010 and ex-Director General of Health Services in Uganda

Partnerships provide a work structure based on human interactions that allow sharing, adaptability and learning in both directions. Partnership-based approaches to health systems improvement is increasingly recognized as a potentially effective means of stimulating and sustaining change at the frontline. This use of inter-country exchange and institutional twinning as a way of facilitating future country efforts in health system strengthening was emphasized in the 2011 World Health Assembly.

“As an academic health science centre, education is a key priority at our Trust. This unique venture between our Trust and a Rwandan hospital is a great opportunity to share best practice in order to improve patient safety and care.”

Mark Davies, CEO Imperial College Hospital NHS Trust, UK

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