Patient safety

APPS Achievements

"We have faced many challenges together but achieved gains in a short time – in fact the patient safety approach at Gondar has been used by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health in hospitals across the country.”

Dr Gashaw Getahun – APPS Focal Point, Gondar Hospital, Ethiopia

Objective 1 Achievements: Partnership Strength

The unique partnership approach to tackling patient safety has worked very effectively in some cases; hard lessons have been learned in others. The APPS network has refined and led global thinking in the area of partnership development that is now being used by partnership-focused organizations across the world.

Hospital to Hospital APPS Partnerships

Supported over 17 Hospital to Hospital APPS Partnerships between countries in Africa and Europe - the first of their kind centred on developing safer health-care systems. Partnerships have now developed within and between countries of the WHO African region as well as being established across the globe. Hospital partnerships with US institutions were launched in 2014.

Definition of Partnership and working principles

APPS engaged with initial APPS partnerships to co-define a set of seven partnership principles on which hospital to hospital partnership working is based and co-developed an APPS definition of partnership.

APPS Planning Framework

APPS has a 2-year patient safety partnership planning template developed and refined by APPS through joint working with the initial partnerships. This is now being used by hospital-to-hospital partnerships globally, focusing on patient safety.

Partnership Workshops

Developed a model for partnership workshops, designed for partners to identify priorities and undertake technical planning. APPS has supported and hosted a series of workshops to support patient safety partnership development.

Measurement of Partnership Strength

Co-developed a mechanism to evaluate the strength of individual partnerships – this can be used in both patient safety and other types of institutional partnerships.

Literature Synthesis – Learning from the “developing world”

Conducted a first-of-its-kind synthesis of developing country innovations that can potentially inform health systems in developed countries focused on the concept of "reverse innovation" and “global innovation flow”.

Partnership Focused Organizations - Bridge

APPS has provided a “patient safety bridge” between organizations with a focus on partnership-based approaches to health system improvement.
The Global Catalyst Group for Institutional Health Partnerships has been established as a result.