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WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide

The Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide

The Multi-professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide released by WHO in October 2011 promotes the need for patient safety education. The comprehensive guide assists universities and schools in the fields of dentistry, medicine, midwifery, nursing and pharmacy to teach patient safety. It also supports the training of all health-care professionals on priority patient safety concepts and practices.

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Over the last decade we have learned that adverse events in health care occur not because health care professionals are intentionally harming patients, but rather due to the complexity of health care systems, where successful treatment and outcomes depend on many factors in addition to the competence of health care professionals.

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Tools and resources

The WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide provides teaching and information tools to support learning in patient safety.

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Patient Safety Workshops

Patient safety training and education of health-care professionals have not kept pace with advances in patient safety, nor with workforce requirements. The introduction of patient safety in health professional training is therefore necessary and timely. In 2012, the World Health Organization initiated implementation of patient safety workshops based on the topics of the Patient Safety Curriculum Guide. The workshops lay the foundations for building knowledge and skills in essential patient safety principles and concepts.

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