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Making pregnancy safer

The initiative Making Pregnancy Safer represents WHO's continued contribution towards the goals and objectives of the international Safe Motherhood campaign. Its strategy is designed to strengthen the capacity of health systems to improve the health of mothers and neonates by increasing equitable access, use, quality and safety of health services for mothers and neonates through concerted action at the policy, service and community level, with special attention to reaching the poor and most vulnerable.

The strategy, based on accumulated scientific evidence and experience, identifies cost-effective interventions that have been shown to improve quality and ensure safety during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The WHO Making Pregnancy Safer initiative, which works with its partners and builds on the latter's experience, operates at global, regional and country levels. It focuses on the following key areas of work in which WHO has a United Nations mandate and can assist through its corporate and technical advantages:

  • providing technical and policy support in order to strengthen government capacity in the planning, design and implementation of effective strategies to achieve improved maternal and newborn health;
  • developing a package of evidence-based standards and tools for the integrated management of pregnancy and childbirth, including essential care and a safe approach to complications during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • supporting Member States and partners in adapting and disseminating appropriate tools for local use;
  • generating evidence crucial to the improvement of quality and safety in maternal and newborn health and disseminating research findings;
  • monitoring relevant goals listed in the United Nations Millennium Declaration at global and regional level in order to provide information for better decision-making;
  • undertaking advocacy at the global level in order to elicit the long-term financial and technical support to Member States needed to implement strategies to reduce maternal and newborn mortality, and to keep Safe Motherhood high on the global agenda;
  • at global, regional and country levels, building efficient partnerships for Safe Motherhood committed to achieving the goals listed in the Millennium Declaration.

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