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Video: Oral health and the social determinants of health

31 August 2016 -- As found in general health, a consistent stepwise social gradient exists for oral diseases – oral health is steadily worse as one moves down the social hierarchy. This social gradient in oral disease is a universal phenomenon found across the life course affecting different oral diseases and different populations around the world. Action to combat oral health inequalities needs to address the underlying causes of this problem – the social determinants.

The Global Oral Cancer Forum

4-5 March 2016 -- The Global Oral Cancer Forum is an international assembly of passionate professionals focused on building awareness of gaps and innovations in prevention, patient care, technology, and services across the oral cancer continuum by facilitating partnerships that transcend cultural and economic diversity.

Oral Health Technical Meeting

5-6 November 2015 -- A two-day technical meeting on Oral Health took place at WHO Headquarters with representatives from the WHO Collaborating Centres. The meeting focused on integrating oral health into NCD prevention and engaging with HQ activities.

Representatives from the African and American regions discussed the strategies and activities for oral health in the regional offices, and representatives from the various collaborating centres presented their WHO oral health activities.

Tokyo Declaration on Dental care and oral health for healthy longevity

Word Congress 2015 ― Dental care and oral health for healthy longevity in an aging society
Word Congress 2015

2 April 2015 -- At the end of World Congress 2015, the Tokyo Declaration on Dental care and oral health for healthy longevity was adopted to call upon health policy-makers and professionals to significantly reduce the global disease burden, promote greater equity, and integrate oral health promotion into the NCD prevention and control and development agenda.

Oral Health Databases

Oral Health databases

Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme by WHO Collaborating Centres, Malmö University, Sweden and Niigata University, Japan.

The objectives of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme

The objectives of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme, one of the technical programmes within the Department of Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases (PND) have been reoriented according to the new strategy of disease prevention and promotion of health. Greater emphasis is put on developing global policies in oral health promotion and oral disease prevention, coordinated more effectively with other priority programmes of PND and other clusters and with external partners

Strategies for oral disease prevention and health promotion

The latter part of the twentieth century saw a transformation in both general health and oral health unmatched in history. Yet, despite the remarkable achievements in recent decades, millions of people worldwide have been excluded from the benefits of socioeconomic development and the scientific advances that have improved health care and quality of life.


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