Occupational health

Protecting Workers' Health Series No. 4
Raising awareness to psychological harassment at work

By Maria Grazia Cassitto, Emanuela Fattorini, Renato Gilioli, Chiara Rengo

psychological harassment cover

Psychological harassment is a form of employee abuse arising from unethical behaviour and leading to victimization of the worker. It is an increasing worldwide problem which is still largely unknown and underestimated. It can produce serious negative consequences on the quality of life and on individuals' health, mainly in the emotional, psychosomatic and behavioural areas. In addition, society as a whole becomes a victim because of increased pressure on social services and welfare.

This booklet aims at raising awareness of this growing issue of concern by providing information on its characteristics, such as the definition, differences between normal conflicts and psychological harassment at work, the ways it is practised, the consequences it can produce on health and society. Special attention is devoted to the causes that favour its development and the measures to be adopted in order to combat it and react to it.

Since psychological harassment is widespread in all occupational sectors, this publication has the intent to promote health and safety at work among health professionals, decision makers, managers, human resources directors, legal community, unions and workers worldwide. The only way to combat psychological harassment at work is to unite the efforts of all these players, while viewing the issue from different angles.

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