Occupational health

Gender, Work and Health (updated version - 2011)

Project led by Evelyn Kortum, Technical Officer, Occupational Health, Public Health & Environment, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, and Adepeju Olukoya, MD, Department of Gender, Women and Health, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland. Writer: Stephanie Premji, Interdisciplinary Centre for the study of Biology, Health, Society and the Environment (CINBIOSE).
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ISBN 978 92 4 150172 9

10 November 2011

Around the world, women are at a disadvantage compared to men in the various spheres of society and, as a result, their issues have traditionally lacked visibility. Women’s work is no exception. Women’s working conditions are less often researched, and their associated health problems less often diagnosed and compensated for than men’s.

This information booklet provides an overview of the differences and inequalities in work and health between women and men, and highlights issues of particular importance to women. Advice for action is provided at different levels: government, employers, workers and researchers.

Updated version - 2011