3. Formation of review groups

Steering Committee, Key External Experts and Stakeholders Panel, and Guideline Group

The Micronutrients Unit within the WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development and the Nutrition Section of UNICEF are leading the efforts in developing these guidelines on vitamin A supplementation, with the assistance of the following groups:

a. WHO/UNICEF Steering Committee (7-10 members)

An internal WHO/UNICEF Steering Committee has been formed, consisting of representatives from the WHO Departments of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH), Reproductive Health and Research (RHR), Making Pregnancy Safer (MPS), Research Policy and Cooperation (RPC), the Expanded Programme for Immunizations (EPI) and the Nutrition Section of UNICEF. This group has provided input on the initial scope of the guideline, the priority topics and key questions to be answered in the guideline and the methodology.

b. Key External Experts and Stakeholders Panel (approximately 80 members)

This panel is to include representatives from partner agencies, foundations, interest groups, content experts, methodologists, as well as those involved in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of vitamin A supplementation programmes. This panel is expected to provide comments on the key questions, summary of evidence GRADE tables and draft recommendations. We are looking forward to ample participation from key external experts and stakeholders on this guideline process.

If you would like to become a member of the Panel, or would like additional information about the development of these guidelines, please send an email to with your name and affiliation, and include "Vitamin A Guidelines" in the subject heading.

c. Formal Guideline Group (15-20 members)

The Guideline Group will advise WHO and UNICEF on the final choice of the important questions and outcomes for decision-making, developing recommendations, and on the interpretation of the evidence with explicit consideration of the overall balance of risks and benefits. Aditionally, the Guideline Group will help WHO and UNICEF formulate recommendations, taking into account diverse values and preferences coming from a multi-disciplinary, gender-balanced membership with representation from all WHO Regions.

The members of the Guideline Group have been selected to bring their experience from a wide range of fields and perspectives in vitamin A supplementation. The Guideline Group includes specialists in neonatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, vitamin A biology, immunology, program implementation, scientific methods and maternal and child care, among others.