Safe vitamin A dosage during pregnancy and lactation

Recommendations and report of a consultation

World Health Organization, The Micronutrient Initiative

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Editors: World Health Organization
Number of pages: 34
Publication date: 1998
Languages: English, French
WHO reference number: WHO/NUT/98.4



WHO has received requests for programmatic guidance on the safe use of vitamin A supplements by women of reproductive age. New data have become available concerning the return of menses relative to breastfeeding practices and country-specific contacts with the health system. To review these data and other information, WHO convened a consultation to consider both the safe dosage of vitamin A during pregnancy and the first six months postpartum, and the relevant policy and programme implications.

This document, which will be of particular interest for managers of national VAD prevention and control programmes, presents the recommendations of participating experts in nutrition, teratology, reproductive physiology and population-based surveys, who have experience in both basic research and its public health applications.