Comprehensive implementation plan on maternal, infant and young child nutrition


World Health Organization

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Editors: World Health Organization
Number of pages: 22
Publication date: 2014
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
WHO reference number: WHO/NMH/NHD/14.1



Adequate nutrition, beginning in early stages of life, is crucial to ensure good physical and mental development and long-term health.

This action plan illustrates a series of priority actions that should be jointly implemented by Member States and international partners to achieve, by the year 2025, six global nutrition targets:

  • 40% reduction of the global number of children under five who are stunted
  • 50% reduction of anaemia in women of reproductive age
  • 30% reduction of low birth weight
  • no increase in childhood overweight
  • increase the rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months up to at least 50%
  • reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 5%

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